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Linda Evans Main Photo

“Eyes are the windows to the soul”

Admired, respected, beautiful and an elegant role model for women of all ages, Linda Evans has always inspired women to be the best they can be. She is also the inspiration behind Linda Evans Eyewear – a collection of fashionable and sophisticated eyewear and sunwear that reflects the same philosophy – to design new and original looks while at the same time keeping in touch with what women really want. Linda’s goal is to design frames that women can express themselves in. “I want a Collection that will give women options to be classic, simple, glamorous and fun, as well as being practical… women should have a choice as to what image they wish to project.”

Learn more about Linda Evans and her latest project, Recipes for Life… a book that has combined Linda’s myriad life experiences with her love of cooking. Linda reflects on various phases of her life and career, featuring more than 50 delicious recipes and their connection to the people and places she's known.

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